Top 7 Important Tips on Jobs That Require Travel

Jobs that require travel can seem like dream jobs for people who have a passion for traveling and exploring different parts of the world. Although the main reason for travel is business, it’s not too hard to escape during your off-time to sight-see and take in the new sights and sounds of a foreign country.

However, before you pack your bags and belly full of butterflies, there are some things to know before departing home. Jobs that require travel involve knowing these 7 important tips:

1. Get your finances in order. Check your bank account balance; be sure you have enough funds in case of emergency. Ensure you have a good supply of personal checks or money orders on hand. Carrying cash can be risky, especially if traveling to seedier parts of the world where pickpockets abound. Credit cards are useful but there may be some locations that don’t accept a certain type of card.

2. Check with your local clinic or hospital for required vaccinations and make sure you get them before you leave.

3. Read up on the country you are visiting, particularly topics about diseases that are prevalent there (traveler’s diarrhea, malaria, etc). Also, check on the safety of local drinking water, ice, street vendor foods, and if they are considered safe or if alternate measures need to be taken such as drinking only bottled water and refusing vendor fare.

4. Review the expiration on your passport (if one is required). If you don’t have a passport but need one, check with a local travel office or county clerk’s office.

5. Tell at least one person, a close friend, co-worker, or relative where you’ll be going, what hotel you’ll be staying at along with the address and phone number. You never know when an emergency may arise.

6. Jobs that require travel can be hectic and fast-paced. Bring along an item that relaxes you, especially on the long plane ride to your final destination; this could be a book, IPod, laptop, sleeping pills, etc.

7. Pack the appropriate clothing and medication supply for your destination. If you’re going somewhere hot then a parka isn’t needed but sun tan lotion and light fabrics would work.

Remember, jobs that require travel can be daunting at first but the experience is something you will never forget. Finally, to add the icing on the cake, you’re getting paid to do it!

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Jobs That Require Travel – The Good Ones

Looking for jobs that require travel? As a semi professional vagabond, I’ve had a variety of jobs that were accepted solely for the travel perks. I have never been one for the office environment, preferring instead to hit the road and see the world. Here are the top four jobs that require travel:

Truck Driver. If your principal passion in life is to be on the road, and you can stand sitting down for long periods of time, this can be a great job. There are several trucking companies out there that will train and help you get your commercial drivers license (CDL). Depending on the size of the vehicle, you can get either a class A or B, with special endorsements (such as a passenger endorsement, if you’re driving other people). For a very specific breed of person, being a truck driver is a great way to make a living.

Tour Guide. If you think a special breed of person enjoys trucking, it is a subspecies that enjoys these long term travel gigs. In a nutshell, a travel company hands you a van, a trailer, thirteen people and several thousand dollars, and it’s your job to make sure they have the time of their lives driving across the country! Did I mention you actually get paid to do this? I spent a summer running trips for Trek America, and gotta tell you it was the most fun occupation I’ve ever had!

Random job in a National Park. OK, this job doesn’t require travel in itself, but it does give you the chance to explore a drop dead gorgeous location in more depth than most people ever will. I had the good fortune to work in Yosemite for a summer (prep cook), and have returned there annually ever since. Along the way, I was also able to save several thousand dollars, because there’s not much to spend money on in the woods!

Cruise lines. Similar to truck driving: if you can handle the long periods of time at sea, this is a great opportunity. Cruise lines employ people from all over the place, all with different skills. My advice is to land a job that caters to the guests; that way you’ll have time off when you land in a port.

These are the best sources for jobs that require travel. Admittedly, most are short term, but they will provide memories that far outlast your stay!

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Looking For Jobs in Travel?

Jobs in travel offer a wealth of opportunity and fun. Put simply, people who work in the travel industry organise and transport people from place to place, assisting with their accommodation and flight requirements, as well as organising tours, sightseeing activities and adventures.

There are many different vocations you can choose from when looking for jobs in travel, including travel agents, holiday reps, hotel staff abroad or in the UK, tour operators and flight attendants. Possibly the most important attribute for a person wanting to work in the travel industry is great customer service skills, as these are customer-facing roles.

Many young people are keen to become holiday reps, and for this reason the recruitment process can be quite competitive. You’ll need to have four GCSEs at grade C or above, but apart from this. There aren’t any formal qualifications needed specifically for the role, although any kind of travel and tourism qualification will of course be looked upon favourably.

You also need to have a bubbly, outgoing personality as well as a great sense of humour. Holiday reps traditionally work hard and play hard, so the job isn’t for the faint-hearted. It can be very stressful too, as it is a rep’s responsibility to sort out any problems that may occur with a holidaymaker’s accommodation or transport.

Reps also need to be confident in communicating with people at all levels and from all sorts of backgrounds and walks of life. Generally, your accommodation and travel expenses will be met by your employer. Expect to visit new places and enjoy an active social life!

Many people choose jobs in travel which mean they won’t actually have to physically travel for their job. In the travel agent sector, there are lots of interesting roles available whatever your skills are.

In the travel agent sector, jobs range from entry-level types such as administration assistant to marketing manager to managing your own branch or area.

Perhaps you would like to try working in the cruising sector? This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to travel and work on a cruise ship; you could work statically and organise travel by cruise ship, or set sail yourself. There are so many different types of cruises; most people automatically think of the huge luxury liners which undertake world voyages, but there are small eco-cruises that take in remote areas and everything in between too.

Whatever your desired career path, a good travel recruitment agency can help you find your perfect role, as well as advise you on any qualifications and training that may benefit you.

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